In the hustle and bustle of modern day living, we are absorbed into tons of issues every single day. Lost in the din, we tend to pay less attention to our health.

Imagine the brilliance of a platform that manages all your healthcare related issues at one place. That is what MedNetwork is. Using technology and innovation we wish to assist you in managing your health without any compromises

With Mednetwork you can

  • Search for doctors, pharmacies and diagnostic centres based on various criteria
  • Book appointments at various clinics as scheduled by the doctor
  • Get your prescriptions online. The Doctor will prescribe using our pioneering Practice Management tool. Say goodbye to running after old paper-prescriptions. They will always be safe, secure and permanent online
  • Share your prescriptions with your favourite pharmacy and diagnostic centre
  • Pharmacy and Diagnostic Centre gets intimated the moment you share your prescription and will process your order
  • Diagnostic Centre will share your Diagnostic Reports when they are ready which, like all your prescription, will be maintained online.
  • Get notified about all your transactions in real time both via email and sms.

And this is completely free

Process of registration

1 Fill in the registration form below.
2 Fill your complete details in profile after login
3 Verify your email id and mobile number
4 You are all set now to schedule appointments with your favourite doctors, manage & share prescriptions etc.

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