We completely understand that apart from ensuring that your patients get best treatment possible, you have to play sales, marketing, administrator, accountant, business development and numerous other roles

We want to assist you by taking some of your load using technology and innovation, so that you can focus on what you do best, treating your patients :)

With Mednetwork you can

  • Maintain a beautiful website through which you can communicate to the world, all by yourself, just like your facebook account
  • Your patients can find you online and book appointments at any of your clinics
  • You and your staff can also use this to maintain offline appointments in one single place
  • You can write prescriptions online (we promise it takes less time than paper) or just print prescription page with all patient details if that is what you prefer
  • You can instantly send the prescription to pharmacy or diagnostic center if patient agrees, that save a lot of time
  • All reports generated by diagnostic center are available to you immediately
  • You can also provide special appointments to medical representatives so that they don't have to wait at your reception for hours and hours ..
  • Also keep/view medical history of all your patients, talk to your fellow doctors in a secure and private environment, answer questions from your patients and much more..

And this is completely free

Process of registration

1 Fill in the registration form below this box.
2 Fill your complete details in profile after login
3 Verify your email id, phone number and MCI/state registration numbers
4 provide details about your clinics, timings and other details which you want to share with the world, and you are all set!

please fill the following entries to get yourself registered as a doctor on mednetwork.