Signup with MedNetwork

Signup with MedNetwork


  • Find the best doctors in the city
  • Schedule online doctor appointments
  • Digitalize your medical records
  • Share health records with doctor
  • Online reports and prescriptions


  • Become searchable to new patients
  • Manage calendar and appointments
  • Digitalize patient records
  • Refer patients to other doctors
  • Track your income better


  • Monitor multiple branches
  • Streamline patient management
  • Manage appointments seamlessly
  • Integrate administrative activities
  • Track income and expenses

Diagnostic Centres

  • Get affiliated with doctors and patients
  • Recieve prescriptions from doctors
  • Upload and send instant reports
  • Track history of all prescriptions
  • Create customized test reports

Blood Bank

  • Reach new donors and patients
  • Track blood donation information
  • Manage blood components inventory
  • Track blood issue
  • Track income and expenses

Pharma Companies

  • Manage medical reps calls with doctors
  • Track sales teams targets
  • Prepare tour plans and call reports
  • Track drug movement
  • Web and mobile compatibility


  • Get online prescription
  • Track and manage inventory
  • Print itemised bill
  • Track drug movement
  • Track income and expenses